Pierre Berger – luthier – violin maker – Cremona


I was born in Haute-Savoie, France, in 1995. Passionate about music from an early age, I learned to play various instruments including the drums, the guitar, the violin; I also played in several rock and jazz manouche bands.

Attracted by manual labor, at the age of 14 I discovered the luthier profession by doing an internship with Pierre Fournier in Limoges.

In 2010 I enrolled in the violin making school in Cremona, where I will be followed by Maestra Zambelli for five years. In the meantime, I continue to attend Maestro Fournier’s workshop during the summer. After graduating in 2015, Pierre Fournier hired me as an apprentice; during the two years of apprenticeship I start working on small restorations and fittings.

In 2017 I return to Cremona, where I collaborate with other young violin makers; this allows us to grow together, exchanging ideas and experiences on the trade. Curious to learn other construction methods and aware of having to deepen my knowledge, I continue to attend workshops of other master luthiers: during the summer of 2018 I begin the construction of two instruments with Maestro Riebel.