young luthiers ... for young musicians

Who we are

We are a group of young violin makers who have completed their training and subsequent apprenticeship with older luthiers and want to show their work to young musicians interested in instruments of excellent artisan quality.

Handcrafted tradition

We have been trained in the traditional Italian style of violin making and take the utmost care in every detail of each instrument. The instruments are constructed individually, not in series, and do not use industrial semi-finished products.
We only use wood from the Italian luthier tradition, especially spruce, mountain maple and ebony, but also cedar, mahogany, rosewood, poplar and willow.
We paint only with oil or spirit we do not use spray paints.




Each of our instruments is examined by a professional musician who judges five aspects:
Quality of the timbre, Strength of tone, Balance between the strings, Promptness of response, Playability (comfort).

Based on the results of this acoustic test, the instruments are divided into “Quality ranges”:
Grade A – Excellent
Grade B – Good
Grade C – Discreet
Grade D – Insufficient
On this site only instruments of grades A, B and C are presented.

The details of the level obtained for each of the five aspects mentioned above are also shown in the files of each available instrument.

Each instrument is accompanied by the Certificate of Authenticity and Origin.


Look but … also touch

We want you to try our instruments! Write to us by email or call us.