Elia Mecatti – luthier – violin maker – Cremona – Firenze


I was born in Cremona on October 22, 1996. In 2010 at the age of 13, after finishing middle school, I enrolled in the International Violinmaking School of Cremona.

Both during the graduation and after, I move in the free periods at the uncle’s workshop, Maestro Michele Mecatti who together with Maestro Paolo Sorgentone are owners of a violin making workshop in Florence, here I learn a different method of work and I specialize in the Tuscan violin making which will later influence my luther style a lot.

In 2015 I graduated under the guidance of Maestro Pierluigi Aromatico Fantoni.

In addition to the construction of new instruments, I deal with restoration, an art which has also been perfected in the violinmaking laboratory of the Masters Sorgentone and Mecatti.

I am inspired by several violin makers of the past, in particular Antonio Stradivari, Nicola Amati and Antonio Gragnani.