Pierre Flavetta – luthier – violin maker – Cremona

Born in Nice, France, in 1992.
I have been passionate about trees and wood since I was a boy, a dream transmitted by my grandparents, one carpenter and the other turner.

I started studying the piano at the age of 11, a passion that I still cultivate today.
Undertook the studies of botany and forest sciences, I looked for the way to link my great passions: wood and music.

So it was that at 21 I arrived in Cremona to learn the art of violin making. Followed by Maestro M. Ardoli for 3 years, I graduated in 2015.
I then specialized in the manufacture of ancient paints following courses by Francois Perego: restorer, painter and manufacturer of traditional colors and paints.
Today I build my instruments between France, Italy and the United States.