Rémi Drouard – luthier – violin maker – Lyon


I started violin making in 2012 building classical guitars with Juan Pablo Lapido, luthier in Argentina. They were my first steps in woodworking, and the beginning of my love for craftsmanship in general.

After three years of study in 2018 I graduated from the “Antonio Stradivari” International School of violin making in Cremona where I studied, among other things, with the teachers Massimo Ardoli and Alessandro Voltini.
Through this school I acquired the basic knowledge to build and restore stringed instruments.

In recent years I have done several traineeships at lutherie workshops (Orleans, Monaco and Nice in France), the museum of music in Paris and the sawmill of the Bois de Lutherie, specialized in luthier wood.
Through this latter experience, I began to give central importance to the choice of wood for my instruments.

Since September 2018 I have been working in the restoration laboratory of bowed instruments by Alessandro Snitkovski in Lyon, France.
I am fortunate to have ancient instruments constantly in hand, including Italian luthiers from the seventeenth century onwards, which allow me to feed on their style and understand their way of working.
I like old Italian instruments because each of them has its own character: the instruments from Cremona have a very refined workmanship while the instruments of German influence or those of central Italy have a more rough style, with very particular woods, and have a unique charm.

I am also in contact with musicians who play in orchestras and conservatories. This gives me the opportunity to understand their needs with respect to fittings and sound, and the problems related to damaged instruments.

My instruments: