Petar Andreev – luthier – violin maker – Cremona


I was born in Bulgaria in 1987.
In 2006 I graduated from the hotel school of my hometown, afterwards I practiced my profession of waiter and cook for a few years.
My parents are craftsmen, and have practiced violin making, among others.
Of four brothers, three of us followed in their footsteps and now we live in Cremona building musical instruments.
In 2011 I moved to Italy, to Cremona and here I enrolled in the International School of Violin Making “Antonio Stradivari”. Master violin maker Massimo Negroni guided me in my first steps. During the years of training I had the opportunity to absorb the different points of view and approaches to violin making, thanks to the generous and patient availability of the Masters of the School of Violin Making, for whom I have deep esteem and gratitude.
In 2016 I successfully completed my course of study and obtained my diploma.
In the autumn of the same year I started a 2-year apprenticeship at the workshop of the Masters Giorgio and Ricardo Grisales, where I improved my technical and aesthetic skills, but above all I increased my passion for the crafted creation of bowed instruments . At the moment I am also interested in restoration, a field in which I have the opportunity to analyze the instruments from another point of view, which I find very stimulating.
I like to get in touch with different cultures, and thanks to the school and this profession I have had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world (from Argentina to Japan).
I am excited about my stay in Cremona and in Italy, where I still have the opportunity to experience the culture of this enchanting country.

My instruments: